Friday, August 2, 2019

The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan – Book Report: Shane Saydek

The Demon Haunted World is a book about the author Carl Sagan who writes this book to try to make society understand that science means more than its meaning of the universe etc. it is the fact that science gives people the freedom to think on their own and is the meaning of a republic where a government allows for them to have the intellectual freedom to talk about and explore what could possibly be out there in the universe like extraterrestrials. Sagan describes in the book many other very important people in science that were independent thinkers that allowed for people to explore new possibilities are the reason for science becoming so important in society and brings in new technology and a new way of thinking of improvement here and the possibility of going other places other than planet earth. Sagan also talks about how the fact that you don’t need to be a scientist to take science in and really embrace it. The title of the book Demon-Haunted World is referring to the irrational demons that are set free into the world by irrational thinkers that don’t believe in the scientific method or an open way of thinking and how this threatens our modern-day society and the human race.  
 My favorite part of the book is when Sagan talks about Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, the science director of the Manhattan Project and developed the first atomic bomb that was later dropped on one of Japan’s biggest two cities during World War 2. During this the doctor realizes that he is very sad for his actions and became “one of the good guys” in Sagan’s eyes because he had a heart and knew what he was doing was wrong but he did it because of the fact that without it, America and all she stands for would perish as a society and the freedom that the people in America have. Sagan talks about how Oppenheimer than became chairmen of the advisory committee of the Atomic Energy Commission to make sure in the future we don’t kill each other using super weapons and science when we should be using science to better the human race and survive for many more centuries to come. Another favorite part of the book comes from a chapter where Sagan talks about aliens and how aliens and ancient demons in religion have more in common than you would think. In ancient times people could not comprehend the simple fact that we are not alone in this universe of that we even lived on a planet among other scientific realizations that have yet to be occurred. Since people could not understand science and aliens the human race turned to religion and blamed these unearthly beings to be demonic and must have to do with an evil that is similar to evil beings found in biblical references.

In my personal experiences I have never been in a position where I can say that I have seen or been affected by a “demonic presence” Demons in the world of religion is not too difficult to comprehend. In church I think the catholic church has never declined to the idea of demons existing in this world although Sagan claims this in the book. I disagree considering the fact that the Vatican has exorcists and has made public statements about demonic and evil occurrences that the church has tried to resolve.           

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