Thursday, August 1, 2019

The End of The World

When people hear the words "the end of the world," most people either fidget, break out in a sweat, or out right change the subject. The thought of the world ending is one that many people are petrified of. It is a conspiracy theory that has been around for thousands of years. This idea of the world ending is also one that has caught the attention of numerous conspiracy theorists. There are hundreds of predictions recorded and many yet to have "occurred." One of the most talked about end of the world predictions is the 2000 Y2K prediction. It was believed that on December 31, 1999 a "Millenium Bug" will cause computers to fail to make a transition from the year 1999 to the year 2000. Computer users and programmers feared that computers would stop working on December 31, 1999 and cause major economic destruction. The second most talked about end of the world prediction is the 2012 prediction. This one I visually remember because I was old enough to understand what the end of the world meant. This prediction came from the ancient Mayan calendar. Obviously this prediction did not come to realization, but it did spread a lot of havoc. There was even a movie made about it called "2012."

Personally, talks about the end of the world scare me but I have come to realize that these predictions will never end. Ministers, astrologers, and physics will continue to make these predictions and they will continue to fail. Far too many have been made and have failed that it's pointless to even worry about it. I choose to believe that the end of the world is when you die. No one can truly predict when the world will end and that has clearly been made evident. As of today, the next end of the world will occur on 2020 and this will be me watching everyone panic for no reason...

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Below is an interesting video on a physics professors opinion on the end of the world predictions.


  1. I agree that there will be constant talk of the world ending. After all, fear seems to be a very lucrative way of amassing a following. Then, if said predictions also offer salvation or some sort of hope, they seem to gain even more ground among the public.

  2. I also agree that the talk of the end of the world may never end. People are fascinated by this although it is extremely scary to think about because no one wants to think about dying or being around when that happens. I also agree that I don't think that anyone can truly predict when this is going to happen. That can be a controversial topic for another time, overall great post.

  3. I agree that predictions will never end. When thinking about the end of the world it does scare me a little bt but I also want to experience it. I know that may sound weird but I want to see what would happen if the world was going to actually end.