Friday, August 2, 2019

Post #1 The Jersey Devil

I have lived in New Jersey all my life. While I have never had any encounters with the Jersey Devil, nor do I know of anyone that has, I have heard the legends. I remember in elementary school I would read the Weird N.J. books all the time, many highlighted stories of the Jersey Devil. I recall actually learning the legends in class in elementary school. It's so strange to hear your town name and locations that you know of in scary stories. It's so surreal. I live in Bayville, and reading the post on the Weird N.J. article about the man who seen a creature here, seems so crazy.

The original story of the Leeds family is terrifying. The story has since been altered over time, but most "sighting" descriptions have the same characteristics, which really makes you think if something could be out there. I work in a souvenir clothing store on the boardwalk and we sell a t-shirt with the Jersey Devil on it, and people go nuts over it. You don't have to believe the creature is real to understand the significance it has on the state's culture.

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  1. I live in North Jersey and never heard the myth of the Jersey Devil before. It amazes me how many people get scared because of this legend. I have lived on campus for three years and never ventured far into the Pine Barrens. After hearing this myth, I wonder if people on campus have had any interactions with the Jersey Devil before.