Sunday, August 4, 2019

End of the World

The end of the world is a crazy thing to think about, one day you are here the next you could be gone. I remember the 2012 scare that the world was going to end. Everyone was speculating that the world was going to end because of the Mayan calendars predicting it to be so. When the time came around, nothing had happened. Some people had prepared for it, and others had assumed nothing was going to happen. This goes back to the idea of pseudoscience. Ancient Mayans have predicted the worlds to end and since it was "ancient wisdom", people belived it to be true. One's beliefs had caused people to take it and run with it. Thats the cool part about pseudoscience, because one person may say something that sounds logical, and it believed to be true through word of mouth.
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  1. Justin,

    I also remember the 2012 scare and laugh thinking back to it. I didn't do my homework or show up to work that day because i thought "what the hell, the world may end to why bother?". It makes me laugh now! I also remember people having parties and worrying about the impending doom that never came! crazy to think about it seven years later!