Friday, August 2, 2019

"Andrea" Dominican Horror Movie

Similar to The Jersey Devil myth, there's a dominican story about three friends that lived in the countryside of Dominican Republic. The girl, Flora, was in love with one of the friends, but the other friend, Anthony, also loved her and was heart-broken and felt betrayed knowing she was not into him. This led Anthony to commit suicide.
53 years passed and Flora's husband passed away. Also, they have a daughter that died of a weird sickness leaving behind Andrea, granddaughter of the old couple. On the funeral, Andrea was mad that her late mother didn't have a cross for her tomb so she removed one from another grave. This grave happened to be Anthony's. Rumor has it that by Andrea removing the cross, she "woke" up the spirit of Anthony seeking revenge for the heartbreak.
To make things worse, Andrea looks just like Flora when she was a teen. This leads Anthony to think that Andrea was the one that broke his heart 53 years ago. Ghosts don't know that time has passed since they died.
Anthony possesses Andrea which led the local priest to perform an exorcism liberating her successfully. This story was made into a movie which was released in 2005. The whole country was traumatized by the horror depicted on the movie, specially the younger generation like me being a 9-year-old back then and still to this day, I still feel haunted by it.

Here's a link to some scenes from the movie:

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