Sunday, August 4, 2019

Post #2 The Jersey Devil

I have lived in New Jersey for most of my life and have never heard of The Jersey Devil. Personally, I do not believe in things like this because I have not experienced anything like this or heard any stories from anyone I know. I do not think that something that is a half horse and half bat could exist. When looking up images of this creature it is hard to find one that could be real. Many of the images look like they are photoshopped or there is something else in the picture. In the article that is in the lecture slides, it tells the story about how it was found. In the picture, I barely see a resemblance. I believe that they did see something I just do not know how it would be a half horse, half bat creature. It is interesting that The Jersey Devil was believed to be in Galloway and that is where our school is located. I wonder if there is anyone from Stockton that has seen this or knows of anyone that has.


  1. Deirdre, you are not alone! I had never heard of the Jersey Devil for the first couple decades of my life! Maybe this is because I, personally, grew up in North Jersey, but despite being aware of many of the "Weird NJ" stories, I was only vaguely aware of the "Jersey Devil" story until I was much older than I'd like to admit! But I agree with you; there is little evidence that I'd call convincing, and I think many of those who believe do so based on social pressure and the fact that their friends believe or have their own far-fetched stories about the "Jersey Devil".

  2. It's so shocking to me how different North Jersey is. I can't be you both have never heard of the Jersey Devil. I remember actual lessons being taught in my elementary school about it during my fourth grade social studies class. While I absolutely do not believe in the creature's existence, I do enjoy learning about legends. It is interesting to see all of the claims people make regarding sightings.