Saturday, August 3, 2019

New Jersey Myths and Legends

The Jersey Devil seems to be a classic myth that haunts Southern Jersey. However being from Northern Jersey, I had never heard of this tale before, even after three years of living on campus so close to the Pine Barrens. Although, I have never heard of this myth, North Jersey has some myths of its own.  Clinton Road in West Milford, NJ has been told to be haunted for many years after a boy was hit by a car and drowned in a nearby lake.  During the day, the road is a beautiful site, but at night paranormal activities start to arise. Many different versions of the story have been told including, hellhounds, a ghost truck, the iceman, the castle, and throwing a penny into the lake and having the boy throw it back at you. Things always seem to go wrong in the dark and people are actually afraid to travel on this road at night. I have never been to the road, but I have heard others say that they have seen things while traveling on Clinton Road at night.

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