Friday, August 2, 2019

10% of Our Brains % Out of Body Experiences: 
I had just learned about the myth that only 10% of our brains are being used. This was really interesting to me as the brain is such a powerful thing as a whole. I looked more into telepathy to see if it could actually happen as this was discussed in the lecture as well. A lot of people use the comments "twin telepathy" which I did a little more research on and found an example of twins that experienced telepathy when one got into a car accident. I have attached the video below, but this I think could be possible. I do think that this could be possible if there was a tad more research on it.


  1. I believe that to get to telepathy, we have to reach some level of deep communication with our own bodies before we can connect with others. I personally don't feel that connected to my body spiritually other than listening to my body's food cravings and knowing what's good or bad for my body. But even after being fully spiritually connected, I'd still wonder how to connect with others telepathically as I don't know anybody that has experienced it myself.

  2. Growing up, my family always had an interest in spirits and psychic readers so I would like to think that telepathy really works. However, my mind tells me that if it "works" then it just happened by coincidence. If telepathy worked then everyone would be using it and we wouldn't need cellphones to communicate with each other.