Sunday, August 4, 2019

Post #1 OBE

I have always thought about out of body experiences. This topic has always been interesting to think about. I have never personally experienced this but have heard many stories. For example, there is a movie about a little boy that became very ill that he needed surgery. In the surgery, it is believed that his heart stopped for a few minutes and he left his body. He told his family that he could see the doctors working on him and he went to heaven. There are many different beliefs between the body and the soul. Plato believes that “the body is just a vessel for the soul.” When thinking about this topic I have many different thoughts. In the class discussions, we learned that many of these experiences could be linked to the medicines that are used in the anesthesia. I believe that this could be true for some cases but I also believe that for some cases the out of body experiences are real and actually happen.

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  1. Deirdre,

    I just recently watched the movie "Flatliners" about the med students who essentially stop each other's hearts and then resuscitate one another to achieve better academic abilities. In the film, the one girl talks about how when her heart stopped, she floated out of her body and she was able to see all that was going around her. Crazy concept. I myself have had my own OBE mixed in with sleep paralysis. It was absolutely terrifying.