Saturday, August 3, 2019

Out of Body Experiences

My Nana had a heart attack before I was born. She remembered seeing a bright light and going through it. When she got through the light, she remembered walking through a few different gardens and the light surrounding her kept getting brighter and brighter as she went further through the gardens.  The whole time she kept hearing someone say "You need to go back, it is not your time yet". She wanted to keep going forward and didn't want to come back because she felt so at peace.  Fortunately for my family and me, she did come back. Whenever she used to talk about this out of body experience, she always believed that it was Jesus telling her that she needed to come back to her family. After this experience, she said that she was not afraid of death anymore because of how peaceful she felt.  One of her neighbors had also had an out of body experience similar to this when he had a heart attack. They used to talk about it and he said that he went even further past the gardens. I want to believe that experiences like these are real and as peaceful as my Nana used to say. However, there are doubts in my mind now after learning about pseudoscience.

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