Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Mozart Effect

Whenever I have a big exam, I spend the night before cram studying. I don't like complete silence at any time, and especially when I'm studying so I listen to music because having the TV on is a little too distracting. This last spring semester I downloaded Spotify and they have all different playlists specifically for studying that are all instrumental. My favorite is "Intense Studying" and while there are no songs by Mozart I think the whole concept is the same where instrumental music helps with studying. I know that we learned how it really does not have noticeable affect on our behavior, but either way I don't like silence so in its way it does help.

1 comment:

  1. Madison, I am completely opposite of this for studying purposes. I need complete silence and tons of natural light. However, if I am working on a creative project such as painting, then I do believe the music aids in some way and its most likely enhancing my mood, but I would like to think I turn into an instant Picasso.