Sunday, August 4, 2019

Post #2 Subliminal Messaging

As a marketing major, I found the lecture on subliminal messaging exceptionally fascinating. Advertising is an enormous part of our everyday lives; on an average Americans see over 4,000 ads a day in multiple media forms. The idea of manipulating the public with extra ads hidden subliminally is crazy. The video in the lecture about the taxidermy company seemed incredibly far fetched. It's quite unbelievable to think two men, sharing the car picked up the same "subliminal" messages throughout the city, coming to the same conclusive ad that matched the covered one. 

I remember an episode of "That 70s Show" where there were parents that were concerned about subliminal messaging on music records. They claimed that if you played the record in reverse there would be messages about devil worship. Which I later researched, and is an actual claim. Many people believe music is riddled with subliminal messaging. I also found this article showing examples of subliminal messaging in advertisements, many don't actually possess qualities of subliminal messaging. The one that resonates with me, is the SFX magazine example. This has been mentioned in marketing classes I've had before. The "F" in their logo is usually blocked, insinuating the presence of an "E", allowing the mind to assume the word "sex". There is usually a suggestive image on the cover as well, further alluding the mind to the notion of sex. 

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