Monday, August 5, 2019

Post 4/4 The End of the World & Preparation

The sixth mass extinction is expected to be human induced whether it be pandemic, a world war, or resisting adaptation for future climate change strategies. Then again, a giant asteroid could strike Earth as well. Born in ‘88, I have survived two “end of the world’s”-Y2K and Doomsday. I remember the hype about Y2K, and expressing these concerns to my father. Twelve years old at the time, I remember he said that I could stay up late and see for myself, and excitingly I did so. I chose to watch MTV for the “final countdown as it was wildly entertaining at this age.” I remember I ran outside to see if anything had happened at midnight such as lights going out, or people screaming for help. To my disappointment, my apartment complex was completely quiet. It is amazing how much media built this up over worrying that our computer systems wouldn't able to figure out the next sequential number after 1999. These end of the world parties, similar to Doomsday in Sirince, Turkey are nothing more than financial gimmicks and excuses to party over false beliefs. As a bartender in the South Jersey area, I have heard a lot of absurd stories, but I remember a couple telling me that they have a bunker in upstate New York in case of an apocalypse where the government would try to completely take over by means such as going door to door arresting civilians and putting them in concentration camps that are apparently “ located all over the U.S already.” She kindly welcomed me in case of a horrible situation, and to my surprise, she appeared to have a normal looking family and home life in pictures. Later on, this lady also claimed I was an alien species and she could sense that the reasoning for me being on this earth was to make people happy. Weird encounter, but kind words nonetheless.

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