Monday, August 5, 2019

Site Post 1: Subliminal Messaging & the Mozart Effect

Does anyone remember the Josie and the Pussycats movie? That entire film was a giant subliminal message. So was season three of Stranger Things. Non-stop talk about Coca-Cola and Burger King was one big marketing scheme. I can’t believe that subliminal messaging started way back in 1957, and in Fort Lee NJ no less! Subliminal messaging is definitely an effective tactic, BUT it is dangerous and unfair. In a way, you’re tricking people into buying goods by making them think they want/need them without their consciousness. As far as the Mozart Effect, I do believe that listening to classical music such as Mozart can increase your intelligence. After all, isn’t that why pregnant woman have their unborn babies listening to Beethoven and Mozart?

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  1. The Mozart Effect is intriguing and I truly want to believe that it can increase your intelligence, but this is a false hope. I do believe to some extent that the Mozart effect can increase creativity, but this could be because I believed my art teacher at the time (placebo effect). I was always bad at art and drawing, but the classical music was relaxing and I enjoyed the class more when classical music was played. I also played the clarinet since third grade, so there could have been some hidden bias as well.