Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Book Report

Factfulness is a book about just that, the facts. Armed with a colossal amount of statistics about the world, Anna Rosling, Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling fight the world of fast thinkers and try to make a more thoughtful, better assuming, world of critical thinkers. They use their knowledge of the world to try to convey the bigger idea that progress is happening in the world. It’s a slow progress. Things are not as bad as you may think. In fact, and I do mean facts, they are markedly better than any years we’ve seen in the past.
The first chapter and ninth chapter so resiliently call out the main use of statistics in today's society. Very few jump on the internet and research a statistic to gain a better understanding of their world. Instead they cling to the two instincts discussed in these chapters. The first instinct discussed in the first chapter is that there is a them and us. A definitive gap between two populations. The second instinct is discussed in the ninth chapter. The instinct of a single minded perspective. How can anyone be wrong if the variables are always labeled “right” and “wrong” with the statistics pilfered for being the ones that lean towards “right,” or the arguers side? This is so stimulating to thing about, because the statistical analysis constantly made about a 99% and a 1%. When the reality is that all statistics have a 99% and a 1%. Some are evenly distributed. Some are exponentially grown.
Thinking on the very first ideas of what breaks down logical progress of critical analysis, we arrive at fast thinking. Heuristics are defined examples of fast thinking. One of the hardest heuristics to overcome is the heuristic of Intuitive Predictions. This is because it also coincides with what, in Thoughtfulness, is defined as the destiny instinct. When someone feels that something is a certain way, and likely wont change. When a statistic is right, but doesn’t feel right. Maybe one is not used to the idea that most citizens in Africa live in solid homes, have shoes, are vaccinated, and have fresh water. This goes against the information they had grown up on. Even though since they were you, phones went from Nokia’s to Iphones and concept electric cars to hybrids that can drive themselves. People don’t like to fight the feeling of something, because they’ve grown comfortable with that feeling.
Included in this post is a fun interactive video, that has some statistics that I thought some people may have some varying insight on. Personally, my view on the world has changed so much based on this book, and if any blog readers out there see the video and are interested, Factfulness even comes in an audio-book you can listen to in your car!

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