Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Area 51 vs. The Vatican

Area 51 vs. The Vatican

Area 51 and the Vatican are similar in many ways. An example would be that the two separate entities share similar beliefs in keeping secrets from there people. Area 51 is a secret operating based owned and ran by the United States government. It is said to be home of crashed UFO’s and aliens that are kept inside its gates for the protection of the American people. If actual proof got out that these things existed, the country and world would fall into panic and question what would happen if outside entities destroyed all of us. The same is true to the Vatican. I have mentioned in my book report that the Vatican has acknowledged the facts that religious demonic evil things do not exist, yet they do have exorcists. Both the Vatican and area 51 keep secrets from their people. The Vatican has a history of using the people of Catholic religion for money back in the medieval times when you could buy your way out of your sins that you’ve committed. Now a days this seems foolish regardless of your religious background even if you don’t have one. The Vatican hides that evil is a foot regardless of what you believe in, Aliens or God either way both entities keep very dark secrets of their pasts and present from the people that exist in their borders or follow them in church. 

This post was created to raise question about this topic and in recent amounts of the Meme of the Area 51 raid.     

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