Friday, August 2, 2019

OBE My niece

When I was 6 years old, my niece, 4, had a car accident. I was destroyed thinking she could have died. She miraculously survived and even exceeded doctors' expectations on the things she would still be able to do. Everybody thought she was going to be paralyzed and wouldn't be able to recall information since she was mostly hit in the skull.
When she was in the hospital, she told her mom that she saw a woman at the end of tunnel emitting light. That woman told my niece it was not her time and then my niece woke up. Her mom thinks that was Virgin Mary speaking to her.
The best thing is that my niece was able to walk (not so much run), and was also able to talk and use some logic into solving daily problems.
16 years had passed since then and we still believed my niece was really "walking" in that tunnel to heaven and Virgin Mary didn't let her go in. However, I learned in this class that this could be positively linked to drugs used in anesthesia. I'd still like to think it's the "heavenly angels" protecting us down here, though.

Interestingly, here's Oprah interviewing actress Sharon Stone going through what my niece did, too:

Have any of you experienced this? or thoughts?


  1. My Nana had went through a similar experience where she had seen a bright light. She had heard a mans voice saying that she had to return because it wasn't her time, who she always thought to be Jesus. She was not afraid of death after that experience. I agree with your closing statement about how even though we learned in this class that the experience could be in response to anesthesia drugs, my Nana always believed that her angels were watching over my family, especially on that day.

  2. Juan, thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad your niece is okay. What an incredible story, it does make me want to believe in such things. I'm not a religious person and I err on the side of skepticism, but stories like this really warm my heart and make me hope that everything happens for a reason.

  3. That is a great story and I am very glad that you niece is ok. It is amazing that some people have these experiences whether is is related to the medications or not. I have always wanted to experience something like this personally. I find it very interesting. I also like to believe that it is not just the medication and that it is some form of heaven or angels.