Monday, August 5, 2019

Post 2/4 Out of Body Experiences

I have heard plenty of eerie alien and ghost stories, but was not aware of the specific group, Heaven’s Gate Cult. It is chilling to hear how extreme their beliefs were. Drawing connections between religion, souls, aliens, and telepathy makes my head spin to think people sacrificed themselves to enter heaven’s gate in such a disturbing way (if that’s what you believe to begin with). The costume design, intriguing rhetoric, feeling part of loved group/family, and individualized filmed goodbyes really made this cult powerful and successful in recruiting alien and religion enthusiasts for a mass suicide. Looking further into this hysteria, it appears that all members practiced sexual abstinence, and some of the male cult members had castration operations.

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  1. I read about another cult and watched a documentary and they did something exactly like Heaven's gate cult and a lot of people have done crazy stuff like this when they get brainwashed into cults and killing themselves.