Wednesday, August 7, 2019

book report

Factfulness, written by Hans Rosling, discussed the ways someone thinks about the world. Rosling tells his own personal stories from his life. The book starts by talking about the different classes in the world, the rich/poor and the developed/undeveloped countries. The main goal of this book is to get people to think more about the topic instead of believing everything exactly how it is. Throughout the book, the readers are told cold hard facts of the world and I think this is important because there are some people do not want to believe then even though they are true.
One thing that I liked about this book is that there are real facts that most people forget about. There are many people that focus only on the bad that is happening in the world and forget that there are good things happening at the same time. Sometimes there are more bad things happening than good or more good than bad. I also like how Hans Rosling gave tips on how to think differently. Many people including myself believe exactly what we see and do not look more into a story. For example, we read the title of an article and make assumptions before we even know the story or what actually happened.
This book relates to our lecture about “Ways of Thinking.” Throughout the book, we learn about different ways to broaden our thinking and look at things from a different view. In the lecture, we learn about the different types of thinking and the elements of thinking.

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