Monday, August 5, 2019

Site Post 2: The End of the World

There is something so interesting about Doomes day preppers! The thought of stockpiling food, water, clothes, money, etc. to live in a post apocalyptic of chemical Holocaust world is mind-boggling. Why would you want to live underground if the rest of the world has perished? Thinking back on Y2K is also crazy it makes you wonder jus how dependent people were on technology that they really believed computers would determine the end of the world. As far as all of the people predicting the end of the world, who is to say we should listen to any of them? It is also interesting how all of the theories come from a religious aspect. Nostradamus on the other hand, I never realized how ambiguous his predictions were. They were so vague that as long as something happened along the lines of what he said, we could’ve found a way to make it fit into his predictions.

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  1. it took me by surprise to find out that Nostradamus predictions were ambiguous specific. It really makes you question what is true or not or if all predictions are not real except for the Mayan ones.
    I used to visit a psychic who I thought was giving me good advice on what steps to take after graduating high school and she predicted that I needed to move to my parents' country because I needed some family reunion time for something bad was going to occur. I followed her advice and I think she was right, my great-grandma died. But it makes you wonder what would've happened if I had not heard her advice. I think I would have regretted not moving back there.