Saturday, July 8, 2023

Using 10% of our brains

Speaking to animals/My Cat From Hell 

July 8th

I found this topic to be really interesting. As a former believer of the idea that we only use 10% of our minds, it was really cool to see that all parts of our brains are active in some way or another throughout the day. The first video on the slides about a woman who could speak to dogs shocked me and it made me wonder about the reality show My Cat From Hell (here is an example episode if you haven't heard of it) about this man who goes house to house as a 'cat whisperer' and helps families with disobedient and dangerous pets. I wanted to investigate if his 11 season show was actually credible.

After watching a few episodes, I decided that his show was, although dramatized, based on facts, science, and slow thinking. He uses behavioral clues from both owners and animals to figure out what the underlying issues are (territory, fear, trauma) for the animal and he gives the owners advice on what to do moving forward to help living happily with their pets. Unlike the video from the slides with the woman who would give general and vague descriptions that could describe any golden retreiver, this man uses science, animal behavioral specifically, and facts to make a reasonable estimation of why the cat is acting hellish. 

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  1. I saw “My Cat From Hell” and personally, I think cats can be aggressive and scratch a lot. Also, perhaps the couple simply wanted attention and to show their cat on tv, or perhaps, they truly feel like they just want their cat to not be so aggressive all the time. Once the cat whisperer comes into the picture, it makes sense that things would get a little more logical because they do genuinely want to help stop the cat’s behavior. I think the title “My Cat From Hell” was used to draw the attention of people and if they truly wanted all the attention, they wouldn't have called an expert who uses facts, logic and science to solve their problems.