Thursday, July 27, 2023

Blog Post #1 The Jersey Devil

 Having grown up in South Jersey, the lore of the Jersey Devil has been one that I've been told time and time again. It wasn't until now that I've learned the true history of the Leeds family and their connection with the Pine Barrens. Having said that, the lore of the Jersey Devil has withstood the test of time and still told when the topic of ghost stories comes up in a conversation. I am no one to judge whether this myth is all fake or potentially has some truth to it but it sure does make the history of the pine barrens somewhat mysterious and exciting. I remember as a child, watching Discovery Channel's Monster Quest, which was a show where cryptologists would go all over the world in hopes of finding a mythical creature and being so excited to see New Jersey on my tv screen when the episode of the Jersey Devil aired. Real or legend, the Jersey Devil will always be a representation of New Jersey. 

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  1. Hey Adil, I also made a post about the lecture slides and videos regarding the Jersey Devil. I personally feel as though it is definitely just a myth but I still enjoyed learning about the history of it as well. I feel like people have an influence on each other and if somebody saw an animal that they were unfamiliar with, another person would have a chance to influence them into believing it was the Jersey Devil. Who knows though, I could be wrong.