Thursday, July 6, 2023

UFO Abductions

 UFO Abductions

Jared Keane

July 6 2023

    UFO sightings are so prevalent in our culture, that from the media to tv shows, everyone is eager to report on anyone who claims they have seen strange objects in the sky.

    In lecture 9, it is understood that no sighting has been confirmed authentic. However, there are still so many people devoted to the cause of proving that we have been visited by alien life. Perhaps it is their own ego that drives them to their conclusions, or they are despite not not feel so alone in the empty cosmos of the universe. 

    No matter why people remain so passionate about their "findings", one thing remans true, due to the lack of evidence from faulty authorities, the search for actual answers continues. 

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  1. Despite the lack of solid evidence of UFO sightings, aliens, and the paranormal, I believe that some people strongly believe that there's truly something out there. But the other half are likely just bored and might want to prove that there isn't actually anything out there (by the lack of evidence).