Sunday, July 30, 2023

Blog Post #2: Learning Styles


I recall having a teacher in elementary school who was a big supporter of the audio, visual, kinesthetic learning styles which we’ve now come to learn has very little meaning. I do think that learning styles do exist to an extent, but it is not as simple as putting students into one of three boxes. I believe that there are many different methods of teaching that students may find themselves most receptive to. Furthermore, an individual student may have many methods that they may be more or less receptive to depending on what it is that is being taught. However, it is much easier to classify ourselves as an “X”-type learner and place the blame on that when we don’t perform as well as we would like.

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  1. Andrew
    Different learning styles can play a part in our education. I believe it is important to incorporate various learning styles into education especially for younger elementary aged students. Without using different learning style techniques it puts the students at a disadvantage because certain students may thrive on a certain learning technique.