Friday, July 28, 2023

Blog Post #2 Psychic Crime Detectives

 Psychic crime detectives are a new topic for me. When it comes to believing someone who claims to have psychic abilities to solve a crime and science based evidence, I believe I would lean towards the scientific proof. Not to down play people like Noreen Renier, who claim to be able to solve crime in a newer fashion but science based results just have a better chance of providing substantial evidence that help professionals get the job done. Even though Renier had speculated where Charles Capel may be found there was no real evidence which lead to his discovery.  


  1. Hey Adil, Personally I found the case with Noreen Renier to be no different from the cases with Nostradamus. By giving information that's as vague as possible whilst still being somewhat relevant to the case its almost impossible for it not be true in some regard after the detectives put in the rest of the legwork. I'm sure her business was booming after all those cases she supposedly solved were accredited to her.

  2. I am interested if people who believe that they are psychic feel any guilt when they give information that turns up to be wrong.