Saturday, July 8, 2023

Subliminal Messaging Blog post 2

                                                                       Subliminal Messaging 
                                                                               Jordyn Neff 
                                                                             July 8th 2023

    I think subliminal messages are still used in the media to this day. I learned about this topic in Introduction to Psychology but only briefly. I do agree with the statement "What you expect is what you believe [not what you get]" (Pratkanis). I believe that the subconscious mind affects daily life and what you see you start to believe.  For example, if you are hungry but don't know what to eat and are watching a show with a commercial for taco bell, you may begin to crave taco bell. You weren't thinking about it at first, but then you saw something that made you desire it. 

     I found it interesting that they have conducted experiments to test subliminal messaging and have found little evidence to support it. It makes me wonder if this occurs truly as a placebo effect or if it says that due to the small amount of data collected. 

I learned in a past psychology course that advertisers may times pair famous celebrities with products as well to catch your eye and make you more inclined to buy their product. This differs then subliminal messages but is still connected in one way. They both cause you to be more interested in buying the product or listening to the message. I found this topic interesting and would like to learn more about this type of advertising. I would love to know if the data would show an effect if more data were collected. 

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  1. Jordyn
    I wanted to comment on your post because you mentioned the quote "What you expect is what you believe [not what you get]" (Pratkanis). In my opinion, this sums up this entire course. So much of believing or not believing in things that are far-fetched is what life experience you have already had in your life. Much of what we have learned in this class is highly subjective. The subliminal effects do not work unconsciously, as James Vicary stated. However, the idea of putting images in front of people may influence someone one way or the other if they are already interested in that idea prior to seeing the images.

    Living my whole life in New Jersey, I have heard stories about the Jersey Devil from different outlets. I do not believe there is a monster per se, but I would be lying if I said I would be ok camping out in the Pine Barrens. I think because it is so close to home, it feels as if I could somehow be affected by it. It’s interesting that even though I don’t think I believe it, I would still harbor some fear if I was put in that area of the woods. So, again, life experiences (or location in this case) play a role in how we interpret what we see as believable/unbelievable.