Friday, July 28, 2023

UFO sightings

    UFOs and aliens are a symbol for most people that says we're not alone in this big galaxy. The belief in aliens serves as a deflection of dispair in everyday lives. The high following of the belief that one day aliens will come to our planet and either help us towards a utopian world or send us spiraling into a dystopian world could be seen as a form of religion. This article better explains how the belief and faith in aliens can be considered a religion. By looking at UFO sightings in this regard, I can definitely see why so many people desperately try to cling onto this belief by turning towards unreliable pseudoscience. I guess you could consider it to be a sort of 'blissful ignorance' to have this untrue faith. However, living in this false state of denial can lead to more problems than solutions.
    Another thing I wanted to mention in this post is the recent court cases with testimonials that the government has aliens in hiding and etc. This website gives a brief synopsis of the trial. Apparently, some government pilots had seen some alien aircraft and many questions that officials had for them he insisted they had to be in a confidential setting. If you've heard about this please comment below! I'm very interested in what other people in this class are thinking about these trials. Am I crazy for thinking theres at least a morsel of truth behind this?


  1. Hey Kathy, I find how you link the belief in the existence of aliens to religion to be quite interesting and the article you linked to support that was very insightful. Honestly, I find the idea that there is some other form of life that exists outside earth to be pretty likely considering how vast the universe is. However, I can absolutely see how believing intelligent life will or may have already come to visit us on earth is similar to religious beliefs.

  2. Kathy,
    I find aliens or extraterrestrial life to be fascinating. I also agree that your link between aliens and religion to be interesting. I believe that it is irrational to think we are the only ones in this universe. Seeing recent news and more information to the public being released I am looking forward to seeing more solid evidence about other life.