Wednesday, July 12, 2023


      Observing handwriting dates back to the 17th century. In the lecture slides, it talked a lot about determining different types of handwriting, what each mean, and what your personality might be. Some can be correct such as the ones for small, big, connected, and bold font/handwriting, but trying to determine other types can seem like a stretch. 

     Small handwriting meant that you pay close attention to detail & are concentrated, average handwriting means well adjusted & adaptable, and connected means you're logical. Other handwriting styles like narrow or wide spacing meant that you're lonely or dependent on others, made no sense to me because that's more of an emotion rather than what can be presented to others. 

     This may seem like a stretch or doesn't make any sense to other people, but I like to find hidden messages or meanings in things. I feel like that makes things more interesting, when there's more than one perspective on things. From a scientific standpoint, we will never know whether different types of handwriting can actually determine your personality.

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