Friday, July 7, 2023

Bigfoot Blog post 1

                                                                               Jordyn Neff
                                                                              July 7th 2023 

    I was exposed to many myths and legends as a child. Myths such as bigfoot and the abominable snowman would frequently be mentioned in TV shows and movies. Growing up, I enjoyed hearing these stories, but that is all I ever considered them to be. When I saw the name cryptozoology I was immediately interested. I knew people would search and try to find animals such as Bigfoot or the loch-ness monster, but I never knew how passionate some people were about it. 

    The fact that these myths began almost 205 years ago astounded me. This indicates that these myths have been passed down over many generations. The discovery that references to bigfoot were imprinted on masks and totem poles produced by coast Indians in British Columbia was also fascinating to me. This demonstrates how persistent these myths have been throughout time.  

   Images of what bigfoot was imagined to look like have changed and been altered over time. Originally it was said this creature had "very long arms with immense hands or claws" and had a "stooping gait" (slide 18). It has since been defined as a more bearlike creature with hair all over its body.  The bearlike creature is the image of bigfoot I have seen in movies and television shows growing up as a child. It is interesting to learn the ways bigfoot has evolved over the past 205 years. 


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  1. I enjoyed your post, Jordyn. I found it super interesting that people have been interested in urban legends, like Bigfoot for over 200 years. It is also very noteworthy how legends like this evolve over time (especially the ones with shaky evidence). Great insight!