Sunday, July 9, 2023

10% of Our Brain and Out of Body Experiences

This information was interesting because illusion causes people to believe what they know cannot be real. Obviously, people having the ability to move things with their mind is not attainable but when you see it with your eyes, your mind plays tricks on you and this is why illusionists are so popular. David Blaine, the illusionist, performs ridiculous stunts that look like one thing but are really something completely different. Watch one here: 

What's compelling about the Heaven's Gate story is that they believed their soul and body were separate. So they were content with committing mass suicide, which is completely unhinged. But, it made me stop to think that being raised as a Catholic, I was told that when we die, just our soul goes to heaven, leaving our body. It was something that I never really thought about, I just accepted that to be true. Again, religions/cults causes people to believe what they want to believe.

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