Friday, July 28, 2023

Blog Post 2: Subliminal Messaging

Subliminal messaging was a pretty cool thing to learn about. From my understanding it is shown mostly in today’s society by creating an image in everyone's head of one thing or activity that includes other things or products. This is mostly shown in advertisements and commercials. They give the most obvious example which was going to the movie theater and eating popcorn and drinking Coke. Another one that I could instantly realize I was guilty of taking part in is watching a sports game while eating pizza/wings and drinking a beer. Anytime you see a football game advertisement it’ll include those things. It’s like it's installed in my brain that anytime I make plans with anyone to watch a game, we will take part in that. Another example I’ve noticed before is on the Tostitos logo. They have the two “t’s” as people eating a chip with a bowl of salsa underneath it. I personally don’t know who would eat those without some kind of dip but that is definitely something their company put there in order to sell more salsa containers along with the chips.


  1. Learning about the idea of subliminal messaging in marketing was crazy, and especially the panic that came along with the subconscious rewiring. I read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell this summer and it helped explain the psychology behind this. He emphasized the point of the message of trends, like how you mention associating football games with wings. Usually, wings and pizza are popular menu items at sports bars, so it makes sense that companies that specialize in this would include it in their advertisements. I find the world of advertisement and marketing very interesting. There are so many small yet super efficient details in advertisements!

  2. Hey mike, great post, I couldn't agree more! Subliminal messaging is widely used today especially in advertising, it is honestly targeted towards consumers to spend more money for their products. Marketing/ advertising is a manipulative game, and that's truly what subliminal messaging is. It`s used to alter our mind and perceptions of certain items, concepts, or ideas. It`s honestly something very scary, it shows just how easily one can manipulate us.