Friday, July 28, 2023

Blog Post 3: The End of the World

 The End of the World was an interesting subject to read about. It does seem as though every few years there is some type of hysteria about the world coming to an end and how judgment day will soon be upon us. I personally think some of these reasons for that belief are quite silly while others are more understandable. People thinking that doomsday is coming due to the Mayan calendars ending in 2012 is rather silly. However, something like Y2K is more understandable due to the fact that computers and that type of technology was newer back in the 90s. With everything being run through computers, I can see why that’d be quite scary. Or even with Covid-19 and all of the controversy around it with people not wanting to wear masks or get the vaccine and make things more dangerous for others. I personally think the end of the world is going to come from a nuclear war. I believe there are far too many weapons of mass destruction controlled by irrational world leaders. And all it will take is one of them to send one at another and the other will retaliate and so on.

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