Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Subliminal messaging

 This lecture was very interesting to learn more about. I was somewhat aware of subliminal messaging but was happy to learn more about it. What`s sad and honestly very scary is that subliminal messaging is consistently used today. The concept of consumerism or “everyday life” is how a society functions, ultimately through subliminal messaging. Companies target their ideal consumers by appealing to their senses, using specific colors that may attract consumers and anything that increases salience towards their product. To some degree, modern countries have become addicted to consumerism, and most likely, we are not consciously aware. To purchase things is entirely human; we need to eat, sleep and maintain our activity. The lecture mentions how popcorn and Coke sales increased when displayed in front of an audience, and this tactic is still used today. In the theatres, promotional deals on food and beverages are shown before every film. Movie theaters attract consumers through these messages while appealing to their senses. 

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  1. Hey Nazma, I also read about subliminal messaging and found the topic to be very interesting. It also brought a realization to me that I often am being influenced by these companies strategic placement of things in their subliminal messaging. As you mentioned with the coke and popcorn, the movie theaters are definitely thriving when doing this.