Friday, July 21, 2023


While learning about Graphology, I found it very interesting to hear that the term originated back to 1868 and has many different systems. Handwriting is a personal and individual sense of oneself which is why I can understand the thought behind handwriting determining personality and characteristics. In this lecture I learned that the spacing between words and letters is looked at, as well as writing slant, pressure, and sizing. For example, if your letter sizes are large, that means you are confident. 

I was surprised to learn that Graphology is used to determine performance job ratings. But it was found that when this was used as a determinant for personnel selection, there were high financial losses. This is because they were using cold readings. They were making a guess or prediction that better hand writing would equal better work and performance. 

I always try to write neatly because this allows my mind to feel clear and put together. But when I am taking notes quickly, it often bothers me when it becomes messy. It makes me feel like my mind is messy too. 
I wanted to see a few examples of Graphology and the following website has great ones and includes what they mean.  

(Abigail Bell - Post #3) 


  1. Hey Abigail! I found graphology extremely interesting too because I never even knew it was a thing or related to handwriting. I find myself rewriting notes when I feel they are messy as well! I write pretty big so it is cook to know it is looked at as confident.

  2. I definitely agree that it is fun sometimes to believe in things like graphology and similar personality tests like astrological signs, however these all have been proven inaccurate in studies. Using these tests in job applicants or official/crime settings can be extremely dangerous. I know many friends that use astrological signs as a guidebook on how to live their lives. It is fun every now and then but when you deny yourself opportunities in life such as friendships, relationships, etc. simply because of conflicting astrological signs, it may be time to put it to rest. These kinds of things rely on fast thinking and extremely generalized statements that can be taken the wrong way.

  3. Hi Abigail, personally I did not think it was possible to determine much of anything about someone from there handwriting. This made learning that they had an entire study dedicated to analyzing someone through there hand writing to be pretty surprising. Like you, I was even more baffled to learn that there are companies out there using Graphology as a part of the hiring process! Honestly I found this to be the most mind-boggling we've learned about in this course.