Thursday, July 6, 2023

Lecture 3

Dualistic paranormal belief - Soul can leave the body, they are made from separate forms. 

(Slide 18) Majority of religions believe in the distinction between body and the soul. Descartes - 17th century, he could doubt existence of body but couldn't logically doubt that he was doubting, "I think, therefore I am". You can imagine yourself being in other locations. This is a paranormal belief; Makes people more susceptible to false beliefs (ESP). (Slide 19)

This may not make any sense to someone who's reading this with no knowledge and/or experience with Out of Body experiences, but there is such a thing as leaving your body, or an out of body experience and it isn't really paranormal. I believe that it isn't just a paranormal thing. From a mental health perspective, there are terms for experiences like this: dissociation, depersonalization, derealization, and hallucinations. In a basic definition, these terms basically mean: feeling disconnected or separated physically, feeling like you're outside looking in. Feeling like you aren't real or your surroundings aren't, (doubting the existence of body.. - Descartes), or hearing/seeing things that no one else can. This ties into the paranormal & intuition because that feeling is odd, and people use words like that when something is very unfamiliar.

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