Thursday, July 6, 2023

Learning Styles

 Learning Styles

Jared Keane

July 6 2023

    Lecture 7 is focused on "learning styles" which describes types of learning based on sensory information (sight, sound, touch, reading, and writing). 

    The core idea behind this is that some students are visual learners and some learn more hands on. Therefore, it is the teacher's responsibility to  teach to a student's specific style. However, the reason this is a false assumption and why learning styles are a myth, is because they don't exist. Learning styles is merely a preference that can change a fluctuate depending on what is being taught.

    In conclusion, learning styles fits into a pseudoscience /  superstitious belief that it is a strategy that helps students and needs to be employed at the expense of educators. 


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  1. Hey Jared! It is interesting that learning styles can fit into pseudoscience. This information is new to me, but is very interesting. I know it must be hard for teachers to accommodate to each individual persons learning style. I wonder if more people knew learning styles could be seen as a myth that they would be more open to trying harder to learn in different ways.