Friday, July 14, 2023

The New Jersey Devil - Lecture 3

 I believe the legends surrounding the Jersey Devil to be true. Because of the accounts and sightings that were made in the 1900s, I believe they are real. Schools were closed at that time, and there was little to no activity because no one dared venture outside, according to It kind of reminded me of the coronavirus, where everyone stayed inside because there was no proof of the virus's fatality. From a scientific perspective, we'll never truly be able to determine if the Jersey Devil is a legendary entity or not because up until this point, all we have are the stories that are being told and scant to no proof that it actually exists. 

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  1. I cannot say that I believe in this creature, a combination of animals, flying around and harassing people. It's more likely that some animal was in the woods and harmed other animals and it took on a legend of its own. Also, just as it was discussed with the alien sightings, when your mind believes something to be true, your memories may "fill in the blanks" and it could change what you remember seeing. This could be the case with some of the documented "sightings".

    Now, having said all this, I still will not be staying overnight in the woods in the Pine Barrens. I may end up being someone who sees something that is not there based on all the stories. Especially since I am born and raised in NJ and these stories have been around since I was young.

    I do agree with how your post mentioned the coronavirus and how it caused people to react a certain way, even when there was nothing concrete for people to see. It is similar to the mass delusions where people believe something just because they are told by the media, through the radio or tv.