Friday, July 21, 2023

Subliminal Messaging

 I have always found Subliminal Messaging to be an interesting yet scary topic. In this lecture we covered James Vicary and his experimentation in the movie theater. It was impressive to see the results of the experiment, coke and popcorn sales increasing by 18% and 58% through the use of a stachistoscope.  With these new advancements and findings, advertisers saw the benefit of subliminal messaging. Today companies use this to assist in sending out a certain message through their logos or company names.  

I found the following article which gives a few examples of companies that have successful subliminal messages. For example, the article mentions how the Subway logo includes arrows to show the idea of going in and out, highlighting the convenience and speed of the food chain. This connection subconsciously occurs when the customer sees the sign, increasing their likelihood of choosing Subway, especially if they want something quick. There is another example that is well known. For Amazon's logo they utilize an arrow pointing from the "a" to the "z" showing their consumers how they have everything they need from "a" to "z".

Learning about this makes me wonder the statistics of how much subliminal messaging increases sales for companies today. As much as it helps, it is scary to know it could be taken advantage of. It also makes me wonder how much we have been exposed to subliminal messages but never noticed its effect. This is something I think I will be more on the lookout for now that I have learned a bit more about it.

(Abigail Bell- Post #2)

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  1. I think it is so interesting how subliminal messaging is used in advertising, but I have never noticed it before. I've only known about the FedEx logo. I read the article that you provided, and personally, I have no idea if subliminal advertising has worked on me. I know that subliminal messaging uses specific tools that cannot be understood or noticed by the conscious mind which makes it kind of scary how companies are able to do that. It is obvious that it works too because the companies are successful, especially Amazon. I wonder if business, marketing, and communication majors talk about subliminal messaging because it does seem essential to the overall company. However, is subliminal messaging something that you can teach? Everyone knows that you need a good logo to capture the attention of others, so maybe it's something that has been ingrained in our heads since it has become common in our society. It seems to go over our heads. Maybe with the advancement of technology, it could change the way subliminal messaging is like especially with AI.