Friday, July 28, 2023

Blog Post 1: The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a cryptid that is known by most people coming from South Jersey. The legend is often brought up in situations where one is camping, sitting around a fire pit, or even just telling scary stories. Legend has it that the Jersey Devil looks like a being made up of a horse, goat, and bat, that also has claws and bright red eyes. I’m personally not one to believe in many cryptids, however I do receive pleasure from hearing the stories that many people have when claiming to have seen it. I enjoyed reading the origin story about Mother Leeds giving birth to her 13th child and praying that it’d be a devil, then the child transforming into that. I also like to look into stories of the proclaimed sightings of these beings. I will often look to see if the area of the sightings has any animals that the person may have actually seen but didn’t get the best look at. The only thing I could think these people may have seen in the South Jersey area that somewhat fits the given descriptions is a large bird such as a turkey vulture or something like that. Although turkey vultures don’t even really match up too well with the description. So who knows, maybe the Jersey Devil is out there somewhere.

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