Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The End of the World

     People have made predictions about the world ending since the year 2000 because the computer had run out of digits, it was the end of the calendar year, or other times it was because "the last prediction was wrong, so it has to be this one". Every time someone announced that the world was ending, the whole world went into a state of frenzy. 

     Whenever something occurs that people are unfamiliar with, it seems like it gets labeled as something that might not be true. Like an alien/ufo sightings, paranormal activity, and with this it would be telling people that the world is ending, when it's just the end of the calendar year. People broadcasting that the world is ending, I feel like it gets to the point where it's like "the boy who cried wolf". I feel like people are at the point where they don't even believe it anymore, because it has been said so many times and nothing has happened.

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  1. Another really interesting end of the world prediction that happened in modern times that I would recommend watching videos about is Harold Camping and his predictions of the world ending