Monday, July 31, 2017

Mysteries In The Woods

My little sister enjoyed watching television series like 'Mountain Men' and 'Finding Bigfoot'. She was relatively young watching it, so I'm sure it was more of a fascination of there being "real life" monsters out in the woods. I personally never thought much of their being a creature like the Bigfoot to be existing. I thought that if one did exist, there would be better evidence then just video tapes by now. There was no possible way that a creature like that could be living in the woods without a body being found.

It wasn’t until I spent the night with a friend that lived deep in the woods in southern Jersey I considered Bigfoot being real. We decided to go out to a field near by and lay out to gaze at the stars. After laying in silence for a few seconds, we began to hear howling. We froze in fear and listened as the howling became to get closer and sound from different directions. My friend told me that they were coyotes. Before that moment I never knew their were any coyotes in New Jersey because I have never seen any trace of them for as long as I lived in the state. That made me wonder, if I never seen a coyote or any evidence of them during my life living in the woods than what else is out there that I don't know about.

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  1. Rather than cryptozoology, the lore behind cultural mythologies is absolutely fascinating. For instance, why is a dragon so prevalent among cultures, from MesoAmerica to Europe to Asia, the legend of a reptilian giant has roots around the world. The fear and mystery you experienced out in the woods is probably what lead many cultures to create their mythos.

    -Joon Lee-