Wednesday, July 26, 2017

10% of the Brain

The idea that humans only utilize 10% of their brains came from brain imaging that studied the parts of the brain using blood on the perimeter. Advanced technology imaging has since disproved this, however, it is still a common conspiracy that humans can have access to a small portion of our brain.

The trailer in the lecture slides shows one theory of what could be possible if we could access all 100% of our brain power. Our brain has the power to keep our heart beating and keep our lungs filling with air without us having to think about it; image the physical possibilities if we could control every part of the brain. Maybe we can change our physical appearance with a thought, or get rid of cancer cells in our own bodies with our own brain.

Unfortunately, there is limited evidence to support the possibility, so the idea is  falsehood. But people love to love the idea that one day humans will evolve and be able to access their entire brain potential.


  1. Danyelle,
    I too found this topic particularly fascinating. I have seen the movie Limitless and Lucy and the idea of becoming almost superhuman in a sense based off enhancing brain function is always interesting. For me, Limitless would be the ultimate use of "full potential" of our brains. Imagine being able to operate at a faster and higher level than everybody else, the idea, theoretically is astounding. There are "brain enhancement" pills online that claim to increase focus, memory retention, higher IQ, etc. but they are labeled as supplements and many of their "studies" are as shoddy as the Mozart Effect's findings! *If there is even a study at all!*

  2. You're right when you say "people love to love the idea that one day humans will evolve and be able to access their entire brain potential". There have been several movies made about this exact subject, there's "Lucy" and "Limitless". But it is just a myth. Current researchers say we use almost all of our brain all the time!