Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Flat Earth Movement

One movement that has been growing quite rapidly is that of the Flat Earth Society. Their claim is that all great mathematicians and scientists before them are wrong and that the earth is not round, but instead one flat land mass. They assume the belief that the earth resembles a disk and the sun revolves around the outside of this disk which is why the center, the Arctic Ocean, is so cold because it is the furthest point from the sun. Deservedly so, many scientists have been up in arms over this movement because it completely disregards the proven claims of calculus and physics and essential spreads false lies into the minds of adults and vulnerable children who aren't sure what to believe. Neil deGrasse Tyson went as far as to make the statement that this movement is "Some of the best evidence for the failure of the of our educational system". While I don't necessarily agree with that statement, I think Tyson is more so trying to show that in the age of social media, spreading fallacies such as the earth being flat can be quite dangerous if people with strong influence begin preaching about the movement. Two notable people of strong influence who believe this are rapper B.o.B and Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the former even made a diss track about Neil deGrasse Tyson entitled "Flatline". Despite many articles and videos further proving that the earth is indeed round, people still adopt this belief and cause a headache for scientists and mathematicians.

A good video disproving the claims of the Flat Earth Society

A comical approach to the subject by Neil deGrasse Tyson

A funny response to B.o.B's diss track (a little explicit)


  1. This is what's scary about some mankind and truth. That people can be faced with overwhelming evidence and still "choose" not to believe it. That their "gut instinct" is more powerful than the indisputable evidence taken from thousands of scientists decades if not centuries to conceive.

    -Joon Lee-

  2. It is disturbing how this movement has sprung up all of a sudden and even some celebrities like NBA Kyrie Irving have gotten in on this bizarre way of thinking. It just seems like people being different for the sake of being different.