Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Post #3

Post #3:

I read the PowerPoint on Learning Styles and the videos that went along with it.  Out of all the lectures provided I believe this one is my favorite.  I personally have a learning disability and it hit close to home so to speak.

Out of all the learning styles mentioned (visual/auditory/kinesthetic) I am definitely a kinesthetic learner.  Visual would be my 2nd preferred style of learning.  Auditory learning doesn’t work for me unless I need to read a book or something.  I do better listening to a book then reading.  Reading puts me to sleep.  I am definitely a “hands on” learner especially now at my age.  Going to college after graduating in 1986 from high school is definitely a challenge. 

Dr. Brian Walsh Video

Definitely agree with someone matching the learning style with the person who is trying to learn.  For example, I took Principles of Math and the professor taught using only power point and the dry erase board in the class room.  I immediately knew I was in trouble and signed up for tutoring and had a note take assigned for me during the class.  With all the added assistance I still ended up dropping the class due to my learning issues.  I couldn’t adjust to the professors teaching style and ultimately chose to let go of the stress before it wore me down. 

Innovations of Education Video

People definitely learn in different ways.  I understand completely and agree that a “bridge” needs to be established between the teacher and the learner.  Without constructing the appropriate “bridge” there won’t be a connection for adequate learning (my Principles of Math statement above is a perfect example).  Learners need to develop good learning habits.  It is essential.  The guest on the show seemed like her passion in teaching helps all the learners she encounters. 

Learning Styles Don’t Exist

Good teaching is good teaching I agree with his statement at the closing of the video clip.  I do believe that teachers should adjust their teaching to individual students learning styles.  This is especially true for learners who need to be individually taught.  If I was taught individually in my Principles of Math class it would have helped.  They could have taught me kinesthetically.  I believe I could have passed the class with a passing grade.

How reliable is your memory/Elizabeth Loftis

All I can say is this video was great.  The opening case regarding a man getting sentenced due to false memory was wild.  The statistics regarding the guilty convictions due to false memory was scary.  It really opens my eyes to the false accusations that are possible.  When the speaker finished the video with “Memory like liberty is a fragile thing” was a great way to end the video clip.

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  1. I also have a learning disability. I believe that visual learning is my best style for me in school. Its interesting to see how we all have a different way of learning. I tried auditory learning in school. They would give my tapes for my books. But I would later on find my way onto YouTube. I get distracted really easily!