Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Aromatherapy is one way that many people seem to find relief in their stress induced and anxious lives. Having tried aromatherapy before when going to get a massage and I noticed that I did feel slightly relieved of the stress I went into the session with I immediately thought it was actually working for me and that I could do this more often to try and collect my thoughts and slow myself down. After a few months of having the aromatherapy scents in my house it seemed that it didn't really work the way it had before and it was just a nice smell in the air rather then that stress relieving "magic" I had experienced at the massage place.

After reading about the science that was practically non-existent by aromatherapy I started to wonder if the same questions that were asked in the lecture slides could be asked towards the trendy diets that are being sold to the American people. Looking at all the diets out there one of the most popular seemed to be the Ketogenic diet. This diet promises rapid fat loss and sustainable muscle mass but the person taking on the diet needs to count the calories of everything they eat and measure out how much they eat of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. There were a lot of people that have seen many results with this diet which included some of the Italian gymnast members. In the two articles that are linked below one talks about how ketogenic diets do not effect strength and endurance negatively, where as the other one talks about how it is difficult to stay in the metabolic state for the diet to work effectively and how it negatively effects performance. Reading these articles about the diet and thinking back to the lecture slides about aromatherapy made me think more clearly about what the writers of the articles wanted to show and what the researchers had hoped to find in their studies.

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  1. Harry,
    I have never personally tried aromatherapy however I am sure that certain smells can become stress relieving because of their pleasurable odor. However, I disagree with many people whom believe that aromatherapy can cure illnesses and have special properties. I do agree with you that just like many diets, aromatherapy is a trend. I personally tried the Paleo diet, which lasted about 2 weeks, and I feel that we should eat a healthy balanced diet and not do anything extreme. Some of these diets and trends can possibly be detrimental to our health instead of having the opposite and positive effects they are supposed to! This was a well thought out response Harry! the sources were interesting as well, I had a chance to review your links!