Thursday, July 20, 2017

Out of Body Experiences: Insidious

After learning about out of body experiences, it reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Insidious. The victim in the movie has an out of body experience and can not get back into the real world. His father also uses OBE to find his son in the spirit realm. The lecture on OBE's discusses how the body and soul are separate and the movie perfectly demonstrates this belief. The movie's plot is entirely based upon this belief. Here is a link to the movie's synopsis and the movie itself:

I also found a really funny meme about OBE's. I didn't know what astral projection was before seeing this so I looked it up and thought it was really interesting. Many people admit to trying it or practicing and being successful. It is basically the same thing as an OBE. Interestingly enough, the belief that demons could possess a body (vessel) without a soul existed before the movie was made. Here is the meme I saw and the link to info about astral projection I read up on:


  1. I really like how you connected the movie Insidious with this lecture since it shows the main character entering a different realm. This is a great way to picture what the lecture was talking about. The idea of the soul separating from the body is insane to think about and I would never want this to happen to me!

  2. The Insidious series is one of my favorites too and I thought of the same thing while going over the lecture slides! I remember after seeing the first movie for the first time I was extremely interested in the idea of OBE's and now it's neat to look back at the movie and relate it to what I learned through the lecture slides and how it relates to the idea of the body and soul being separate entities. Even though I now know that it is basically impossible, the idea is still quite scary.

  3. As much as I'm a skeptic about OBEs, there's always that one small part of me that wants to believe that it's true, that there's a soul and it's linked to the body. Unfortunately, all we get are just fantastic stories of fiction and only fiction.

    -Joon Lee-