Thursday, July 27, 2017

Psychics and Cold Reading

Psychics and Mediums are able to find out information about their clients through cold reading. Cold reading is a technique used which the psychic asks questions and goes off of the responses of the person they are reading. Through this, they are able to say things that seem to be personal, but in reality, they will be things that many people can relate to. Since many of the people who perform cold reading are extremely talented, it can be very easy for people to fall for it since the psychics are extremely convincing and have many different techniques to uncover information. Even after the lecture on psychics, I still watch videos of psychics and mediums and get convinced at the possibility of them having a special ability. The way that they use cold reading is extremely discrete and they are able to get specific enough where I am unable to think of a way that they would be able to know that information. I looked up videos of mediums in order to see the way that they ask questions and can read the audience. This video of Thomas John doing psychic readings shows all of the information he can get from people and even if he doesn't have a supernatural ability, he is extremely talented at reading people.


  1. Michelle,
    I have never been a fan of psychics and always found their "readings" to be absurd and ridiculous. Psychics are a scam and utilize generalizations to create specific conditions for that person which are really not specific. I agree that Thomas John and people like him have a talent for being able to read people but they certainly do not have a supernatural ability.

  2. I've been to a psychic twice just for fun and have to say they've got it wrong both times. I knew about how they read peoples faces and reactions to the stuff they say so both times I tried to keep a straight face throughout the reading. By the end, it was like they were guessing at random things because they had nothing else to give me.