Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Universal Telepathy

I really enjoyed reading thorough the lecture slides about telepathy- the idea of sending and receiving messages beyond the physical realm. When it comes to sending and receiving mental messages, my mother and I have been long term believers in the idea that the universe has somewhat of a predetermined plan for us. The idea that everything happens for a reason is something I struggle with remaining true to at all times, but I am for the most part a believer. Person-to-person telepathy is something we both experience rather often as we’ll pick up the phone to connect with someone who will respond with something along the lines of “I was just thinking about you!” But it’s the idea of the “universe” sending messages that has me really perplexed. 

What I believe to be a personal message from the universe to myself came when Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012. While digging through piles of debris located underneath my house (the house is raised on pilings), I found a street sign for Stanton Street that must’ve blown 2 blocks over and into our yard. At the time, I had a dance teacher named Tom Stanton who I absolutely adored. I was so excited to show to him the street sign and he got a kick out of it. A few months later, Tom died suddenly of a heart attack. The street sign, in the exact condition I found it, now sits in the corner of my room as a reminder of Tom. Similarly, the words “And it Makes Me Wonder” are tattooed on my forearm as Tom was in the middle of choreographing a ballet for my fellow dancers and I to an instrumental version of “Stairway to Heaven” when he passed. Although his death was entirely unpredicted by everyone who knew Tom and by Tom himself, I feel as though some of these signs were the universe’s way of saying that his time was coming and reminding us to treasure these small offerings as tokens of remembrance. 


  1. Isn't it crazy how signs like that can appear sometimes? I feel like it happens to most people but it's always too late when realization hits. I had a similar situation in elementary school when I had a nose bleed coming out of both nostrils and the nurse said never in her life had she seen that. Then she died of a heart attack the next day. I felt like after seeing that in her life maybe she'd seen it all? Or something like that if it makes sense...

  2. Amazing story! Isn't is funny how we hear others say "It must be the universe telling you.." like everything has a path and you shouldn't stray from it?