Friday, July 21, 2017

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When reading the lecture on the alien abductions and watching the videos that had multiple people give their bizarre stories of what they thought to be real alien abductions made me start to think if there was any real chance of these things being seen as true. After watching the videos a couple times it seemed to me that the people in those videos may have been mistaken or they simply saw things about alien abductions, which is mentioned in the second video, and blamed the mysterious creatures that people show interest in all the time. Watching those videos and a few others had me asking whether these people just wanted to get their five minutes of fame or if they truly believed they were abducted and tested on by aliens? I also wondered how many of the people that claimed to be abducted did so after seeing stories about others being abducted? It just seemed like they all brought up that their first thought was they were abducted by aliens right away. There could be a few explanations to the things these people talked about experiencing which includes sleep paralysis. It seems that Jesse Long Jr. could have been molested or, as was stated by the psychologist in the video, he could have had problems with relationships and felt like an outsider for a few years.

While looking at other videos on the topic of aliens and alien abductions the video of a person interviewing an "alien" came up and was said to have been a video that was declassified for the public to view at will. This video talks about the way in which the human race is wiped out by nuclear war and that its species is an evolution from the survivors of said war. While a lot of people seem to think this is a real life alien that is giving up the secrets of the universe as we know it. This could quite possibly be a real alien and it could be giving a secret branch of the United States Government new knowledge that researchers have been chasing their entire lives. However, this could also be a very good computer generated being that is actually stating the creator's opinions on what life is and how the world will end. This seems like the most logical explanation of what this video really is rather than it being a debated as real or fake. If it is real, I would say that it would  definitely be revolutionary for the world. It just seems almost to good to be true that we would be shown a video of something so sensitive in regards to something that has been kept quiet for so long.

Here is the video of the interview with the Alien if anyone would like to watch it:

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  1. The link you provided was the first time I watched that video.
    I will admit I do believe in life beyond Earth, but that doesn't mean I think there are little green men with heat guns roaming our skies. The appearance of the alien in the video wasn't the usual scary blood thirsty type that is depicted in movies, rather more humanistic, which makes it more scary then the movie ones. The clip seems fake for the fact that the questions that were asked were the basic questions of life. I figure an actual video would be more in depth, more questioning. The alien did state the cause of the end of our human existence but nuclear war has been a factor since more than one country held nuclear weapons.
    The video was interesting to watch and a new point of view about the future of life on Earth I never thought about was presented. It brings a lot of new perspectives that will be stuck in my head now.