Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cryptozoology and SCP (Post #1)

I love cryptozoology because of the possibility of strange and fantastic beasts. From the orcs, goblins, and trolls in Lord of the Rings to the dragons and funny creatures in Harry Potter, if it’s strange and fantastical I love it. I would love for these creatures to exist and be part of the natural world, but due to the reality of things, it pains me to say that these things aren’t real. Wouldn’t it be fantastic and completely amazing for dragons to be real?!

There’s a fun little site called SCP, Secure Contain and Protect, where users submit essentially cryptozoology fan-fiction. They submit entries about things from hostile mannequins to a rock that make you procrastinate. The site has grown tremendously with users submitting different tales and stories about creatures of the unknown. It really highlights mankind’s love affair with the strange and unknown. 

-Joon Lee-


  1. I'm also a fan of the SCP foundation, two of my favorites are the Ronald Reagan Cut up While Talking and the one where a SCP task force enters a world were everything is dead, even to a microscopic scale, and they try to figure out what happened.

  2. I also love cryptozoology, more for the idea of the what-if these creatures were living among us. I have never heard of SCP, and by the way you make it sound i will have to look into it. My littler brother also loves these kinds of things and big foot. He tapes the looking for big foot shows on tv. I will have to tell him about this site also, it sounds like he would love it.